Dalian Commodity Exchange Global Recruitment 2021
Date:29 October 2021

Founded in 1993, Dalian Commodity Exchange (DCE) is one of the five futures exchanges in China. It is aimed at building a world-class derivatives exchange that features integration of futures and spot markets, coordination between exchange trading and OTC trading, and connection between domestic and overseas markets. DCE has become one of the most important futures centers in China thanks to its proactive yet steady development strategy in the past 28 years. Now it is also the world’s largest futures market for agricultural products, plastics, coal and iron ore. According to the Futures Industry Association (FIA), DCE ranked 7th out of the global futures exchanges in 2020. Based on our need of business development, DCE is now sincerely recruiting professionals and recent graduates to develop the derivatives market together, and we will provide competitive salaries for all kinds of talents.

I. Basic Requirements

1. Have good political quality, stalwartly support the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China, the leadership of the Communist Party of China and the socialism system;

2. Be aged 35 years (the age requirement can be moderately relaxed for exceptionally excellent candidates in social recruitment) or below, physically and mentally healthy, morally sound and honest and trustworthy in particular, and committed to work, respect laws and rules and have a clean criminal record;

3. Have an advanced degree (or bachelor’s degree for exceptionally excellent candidates in social recruitment) conferred by renowned universities/colleges at home or abroad. Certificates of graduation and degree are required for social recruitment. Campus recruitment is for graduates in 2022 (those who have graduated in 2021 but not yet been employed are also eligible) who should graduate during the period from January 2021 to July 2022 (with certificates of graduation and degree conferred before July 31, 2022, and for candidates who have studied abroad, the overseas education and degree accreditation by the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange, the Ministry of Education is required);

4. Be excellent in terms of learning and research, logical thinking, official document writing, communication and expression, and execution, have CET-6 and above certificate (or other English certificate with equivalent level), and capable of using English as a working language;

5. Have an ardent aspiration for a futures career, a strong sense of responsibility, a good sense of cooperative and teamwork spirit, recognize DCE’s corporate culture.

6. Meet the qualification conditions for the job sought, and have concerned work experience and competences; and

7. Be free of circumstances where a candidate has to withdraw from the recruitment process according to provisions of China Securities Regulatory Commission and DCE.

II. Jobs and Requirements for Social Recruitment

1. Technology surveillance, 1 vacancy (Apply Now)

Responsibilities: design and development of intelligent early warning algorithm and intelligent data analysis algorithm for violations in DCE’s surveillance system; follow up and study program and high-frequency trading behaviors, and design surveillance indicators and standards for investigation and analysis.

Requirements: major in mathematics, financial engineering, management science and engineering, computer science and other related specialties; at least 2 years working experience in financial market technology surveillance; proficient in Python, MATLAB, C++ and other programming languages and software; those who can design and implement early warning identification and investigation and analysis algorithms for new violations preferred; those who have participated in the design or testing of RegTech for financial institutions preferred; those with a futures/securities certification preferred.

2. Risk management, 1 vacancy (Apply Now)

Responsibilities: market operation risk analysis and risk prevention and disposal, carry out investor behavior research and industry and macroeconomic analysis, identify potential risks in time, take appropriate prevention and response measures, and optimize and improve the exchange risk prevention and control and surveillance system.

Requirements: major in economics, finance, science and engineering and other related specialties; at least 2 years working experience in financial market supervision or risk management; have a deep understanding of investor behavior, psychology and risk identification, or be familiar with the industrial policies related to the products of DCE and the operation rules of the futures and spot market; proficient in using statistical analysis software such as STATA; have strong report writing skills; those with CET-8 or equivalent language level preferred; those familiar with the latest trend in international financial market supervision system or risk management technology preferred.

3. R&D of freight futures, 2 vacancies (Apply Now)

Responsibilities: research and development, listing, maintenance and delivery management of freight futures.

Requirements: work experience in ocean container shipping industry; strong communication, coordination and problem solving capabilities; at least 5 years work experience in shipping company, large NVOCC and booking agent, and those with experience in sales of freight space for containers or booking operation on North American routes preferred; those proficient in shipping terminology in English and capable of using English as a working language preferred.

4. R&D of index derivatives, 1 vacancy (Apply Now)

Responsibilities: index research, compilation and development requirements for futures, spot and emerging industries; product research, rule design and listing of index-related derivatives; operation and maintenance management and analysis of index and related derivatives.

Requirements: major in science, engineering, economics, finance or industrial research; experience in index compilation, supervision or product management and other derivatives research and development; or have work experience in shipping, logistics, electricity, commodity information collection, big data management and other related industries; more than 3 years of work experience in the above fields preferred; strong innovation and problem solving ability; those with CFA, FRM or futures qualification preferred.

5. Cloud platform management, 1 vacancy (Apply Now)

Responsibilities: operation and maintenance management, technical architecture optimization and resource rationality evaluation of DCE’s cloud platform; promote the technical scheme and architecture optimization to enable DCE’s business to run in the Cloud container; participate in the selection and evaluation of cloud computing related products of DCE; participate in the process management of cloud computing related projects.

Requirements: major in computer software and hardware, electronic engineering, automation, Information and communication engineering and other related specialties; work experience in research and development or operation and maintenance of virtualization technology or containerization technology; familiar with Linux operating system and its common operating commands, master one or more development languages of Shell/Python/Golang; those with at least 3 years work experience in distributed system design and cloud platform maintenance preferred; those familiar with distributed open-source software and micro-service framework preferred; those familiar with mainstream cloud architectures such as Ali, Tencent, Huawei and H3C preferred.

6. Application management, 1 vacancy (Apply Now)

Responsibilities: operation and maintenanceof the core trading, clearing and surveillance system of DCE; provide technical support for the innovation and development of the DCE’s business, and take the lead in promoting the upgrading of the technical systems of various parties accessing the system; provide technical services and communication with DCE’s departments, DCE’s members, banks, China Futures Market Monitoring Center and other parties involved.

Requirements: major in computer software and hardware, electronic engineering, automation, Information and communication engineering and other related specialties; understand the basic knowledge of network, security and monitoring; have at least 3 years work experience in system development, project implementation or system operation and maintenance; familiar with at least one development language of C, C++, Java, or understand Oracle, MySQL database architecture, familiar with SQL syntax, capable of writing store procedures, functions, triggers, etc.; familiar with Linux operating system and its common operation commands; familiar with general automation operation and maintenance tools.

7. Finance management, 1 vacancy (Apply Now)

Responsibilities: conduct assessment on the necessity of obtaining fixed, intangible and other assets of DCE, and on the rationality of their value, as well as the tracking and management of their use; perform internal and external approval procedures for the acquisition, use, disposal and management of important assets; supervise the asset management of DCE’s subsidiaries, and offer written opinions on relevant important assets of DCE’s subsidiaries.

Requirements: major in accounting, financial management, auditing and other related specialties; at least 3 years work experience in asset management, accounting and auditing; those with relevant work experience in well-known accounting firms preferred; master the systematic accounting theory and excellent writing ability; those with CPA, CPV and other qualification certificates preferred.

8. Subsidiary management, 1 vacancy (Apply Now)

Responsibilities: conduct feasibility research on equity investment projects of DCE, formulate relevant reports, and perform internal and external approval procedures; supervise and manage the subsidiaries, and offer written opinions on important matters of the subsidiaries; track and manage the information of the joint ventures, including collecting their audit reports and financial statements, as well as collecting information on important decision-making matters; review and give feedback on relevant matters submitted for deliberation by joint ventures.

Requirements: major in financial management, economics, finance, investment, enterprise management and other related specialties; at least 3 years work experience in investment analysis and management, accounting and auditing, etc.; those with work experience in investment management or group management of large state-owned enterprises preferred; have a systematic foundation in investment analysis and management theory; those with CPA, CFA and other qualification certificates preferred.

9. Press and communication, 1 vacancy (Apply Now)

Responsibilities: plan, organize and implement the news publicity work of DCE, plan and organize publicity reports around the key initiatives, major activities and market operation and development of DCE; plan and organize media personnel to carry out industrial and market research, salons, training and other activities; daily communication and relationship maintenance with media outlets.

Requirements: major in Chinese, journalism, marketing, economics, finance, management and other related specialties; have strong writing ability, at least 2 years experience in writing or publicity platform maintenance; engaged in interview, editorial planning, advertising planning, new media operation and maintenance, or engaged in writing materials, economic and related industrial policy research and other specific work; those with experience in financial media or government, large enterprises and institutions preferred.

10. Market development, 1 vacancy (base: Shanghai) (Apply Now)

Responsibilities: organize and manage member services and routine, brand, innovative and serialized market activities in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai; carry out market development activities in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, and the scheme planning, organization, implementation and management of investor education activities; carry out collection, statistics, collation and analysis of market information in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, and provide basis for market expansion and service.

Requirements: those major in finance, economics, management and marketing preferred; at least 3 years work experience in market development, training organization and  conference planning of futures or securities institutions; base in Shanghai, able to adapt to short-term business trips; strong ability in activity organization, communication, coordination and execution, data collation and analysis; those with experience in futures and spot markets, industry background and research experience related to the products of DCE preferred; those with CFA, FRM or futures qualification certificate preferred.

III. Jobs and Requirements for Campus Recruitment

1. Business research, 5 vacancies (Apply Now)

Responsibilities: conduct research on futures trading, clearing or derivatives R&D, design and optimize relevant business rules and technical system requirements, and participate in the construction and daily operation and maintenance of relevant business systems of DCE.

Requirements: those major in financial engineering, quantitative economics, mathematics, statistics, financial technology, data science and big data technology preferred; have strong ability in data analysis, statistics and processing; have the foundation of quantitative modeling or software development, and proficient in using data analysis tools; those with CFA, FRM or futures qualification certificate preferred; those with experience in complete data analysis practice project from requirements to final analysis results preferred.

2. Futures products R&D, 3 vacancies (Apply Now)

Responsibilities: conduct research and development of new futures products, market research, contract design and listing; the maintenance, function evaluation, delivery management and system innovation of listed futures products.

Requirements: those major in economics, science, engineering related majors, international economy and trade, agricultural economic management, mathematics, physics, materials, chemical industry, metallurgical engineering, energy power, shipping logistics and other specialties preferred; adaptable to frequent business trips; strong ability of logical thinking, analysis and research, communication and coordination and report writing; those with internship experience in well-known financial institutions, government departments, futures/securities sectors or spot enterprises such as agricultural products, chemicals, materials, ferrous energy, shipping logistics, etc. preferred; those with CFA, FRM or futures qualification certificate preferred.

IV. Instructions for Applicants

1. Please submit your CV by clicking “Apply Now” after the position before 24:00, November 26, 2021. You must complete your CV in an earnest and prudent manner to ensure that your personal information is true, accurate and complete. DCE will verify your personal information in the process of recruitment. If your personal information is found incorrect, the consequence is to be assumed by yourself.

2. The recruitment process consists of the following steps in sequence: registration and qualification review; written examination; two rounds of interview; political check and physical examination; offer.

3. All the foregoing jobs are located in Dalian, Liaoning Province, except for the market development position in Shanghai.

4. DCE accepts CVs on a regular basis through a talent pool. If you have experience of derivatives R&D, business operation, risk monitoring, technical system development or marketing in overseas financial institutions, regulators, exchanges or other trading organizations, you are more than welcome to sign in for the recruitment. If you want to apply for the jobs mentioned above, please send your CV to dcehr@dce.com.cn. We will organize subsequent written examination and face-to-face interview on an irregular basis in light of the CVs collected and the availability of openings at DCE.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact.

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