LPG Options Debuts, Showing Promising Future Development
Date:01 April 2020

LPG options is officially listed and traded on Dalian Commodity Exchange (DCE) on March 31 after the listing of LPG futures on March 30. In the context of the great fluctuations in the energy and chemical sections at home and abroad and the increasing market risk-avoiding demand, LPG options still presents stable operation on the first listing day, with the price discovery and risk-avoiding functions preliminarily shown, and all parties in the market are expecting LPG futures and options to serve the industry development.

On the first listing day, the trading volume of LPG options is 2,964 lots (unilateral, the same below), the trading turnover is RMB 19.72 million, and the open interest is 2,093 lots. The trading volume of call options and put options are 1,596 lots and 1,368 lots respectively, and the open interests are 1,090 lots and 1,003 lots, respectively. The trading volume ratio of LPG options to the underlying futures is 3%.

The implied volatility of all options contracts remains at a rational range on the first listing day, with that of dominant contracts at around 40% after the call auction and rising to about 50% along with the increasing prices of the underlying futures.

Market participants believe that the LPG options has shown stable operation on the first listing day, with the market function initially displayed.

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