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1.1  The standard herein (the "Standard") stipulates the quality standards for RBD Palm Olein delivered at DCE.

1.2  The Standard applies to standard products delivered under the RBD Palm Olein futures contract of DCE.

Cited rules and standards

The provisions of the following documents are incorporated as the provisions of the Standard by reference. For those cited documents noted with dates, all of their following amendments (excluding corrections) and revised versions shall not be applied to the Standard; for those without noted dates, their latest versions shall be applied to the Standard.

GB 15680-2009 RBD Palm Olein

GB 3102.3-93 Quantities and Units of Mechanics

Standard Terminologies for Chemical Industry

Terms and definitions

3.1  Subject to GB 15680-2009 Palm Oil

3.2  Subject to GB 3102.3-93 Quantities and Units of Mechanics

3.3  Subject to Standard Terminologies of Chemical Industry

Quality requirements

4.1  Standards of properties


Standards of Properties

Refractive index (40)


Relative density (specific gravity) (40℃/20℃ water)


Iodine value

56 g/100 g

Saponification value (calculated by potassium hydroxide)

194-202 mg/g

Unsaponifiable substance

13 g/kg (1.3%)

Fatty acid composition

Decanoic acid C10:0 (%)


Lauric acid C12:0 (%)


Myristic acid C14:0 (%)


Palmitic acid C16:0 (%)


Palmitoleic acid C16:1 (%)


Heptadecanoic acid C17:0 (%)


Heptadecenoic acid C17:1 (%)


Stearic acid C18:0 (%)


Oleic acid C18:1 (%)


Linoleic acid C18:2 (%)


Linolenic acid C18:3 (%)


Arachidic acid C20:0 (%)


Eicosenoic acid C20:1 (%)


Docosanoic acid C22:0 (%)


Note: ND means “not detected”, which is defined as less than or equal to 0.05%.

4.2  Quality standards


Quality Standards

Melting Point


Acid value (calculated by potassium hydroxide)

Load-in: 0.20 mg /g

Load-out: 0.23 mg /g

Peroxide value [mmol/kg (meq/kg)]

Load-in: 2.5 mmol/kg (5 meq/kg)

Load-out: 5 mmol/kg (10 meq/kg)

Color (133.4mm Lovibond Cell)

Load-in: yellow 30; red 3.0

Load-out: yellow 35; red 3.5

Odor and flavor

Inherent odor and flavor of RBD palm olein, with no peculiar odor


40℃, clear and transparent

Moisture and volatiles


Insoluble Impurities


4.3  Quality standards and allowances (premiums/discounts) for substitute products under RBD palm olein futures contract

In inspection, palm olein whose acid value is more than 0.20 (mg/g) but less than or equal to 0.23 (mg/g) when loaded in warehouse, or that whose acid value is more than 0.23 (mg/g) but less than or equal to 0.25 (mg/g)  when loaded out of warehouse, with other qualities meet with the delivery quality requirements for standard products of RBD palm olein, can be used as substitute products for delivery, with the discount of CNY15 per ton.

If the acid value is more than 0.20 (mg/g) when loaded in or out of warehouse, the palm olein will be marked as crude palm olein.

4.4  Hygienic standards: subject to the rules of GB15680-2009

4.5  Authenticity requirements: subject to the rules of GB 15680-2009

Inspection methods and inspection rules shall be subject to rules of GB/T 15680-2009.

Storage and transportation

6.1  Storage

RBD palm olein shall be kept cold, dry, clean and dark, and shall not be mixed with harmful and toxic substances.

6.2  Transportation

The transportation service provider shall pay attention to safety, as well as prevention of exposure to sunlight, rain, seepage, pollution and peeling labels. The transportation service provider shall maintain specialized vehicles for bulk transportation of RBD palm olein and keep the vehicles clean and sanitary.

Additional note

The Standard shall be subject to the interpretation of DCE.

Disclaimer: This English translation may be used for reference only. In cases there is any discrepancy between the English version and the original Chinese version, the original Chinese version shall prevail. Dalian Commodity Exchange may change or update this English translation without any prior notice and shall accept no responsibility or liability for damage or loss caused by any error, inaccuracy, misunderstanding, or change with regard to this English translation.

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