The Information Technology Department II (the Department) of the Dalian Commodity Exchange (DCE) is responsible for the integrated development of the Exchange's information systems (software development excluded), the operation and maintenance of application systems (trading & business systems, internet systems and office systems) and infrastructures such as server rooms, UPS, air conditioners, servers, storage, networks, databases, information security and technical services. Also, supportive services are provided to outreach units such as members and warehouses. With the guiding principle of building state-of-the-art and efficient system, operating and maintaining systems stably and safely, and offering high-quality and standardized technical services, the Department always adheres to providing first-class services to members and investors through first-class technology. By following the international advanced IT management standards, the Department has been constantly improving its management, operation and service level. With an aim of offering high-quality customer service, the Department has taken the lead in establishing and implementing international standard systems (ISO9001, ISO27001 and ISO20000), and comprehensively standardized its operation and service process so as to provide satisfactory technical services to the Exchange, members and investors.

  As a wholly owned subsidiary of the DCE, Dalian Futures Information Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly responsible for the design, development and maintenance of the application software utilized by the Exchange and the futures market, as well as the research and operation of futures quotes and information, and other technical businesses.

  The Information Technology Department II and Dalian Futures Information Technology Co., Ltd. jointly provide high-quality and efficient technical services to members and related organizations. These services include:

  Remote link access management, website and member service system, remote stand-alone trading software, software of in-company quotation and transaction return, equipment and software of trading hall, digital certificate application, warehouse and quality control system, regulatory collaboration system and other technical services, remote trading testing, information company and software developer services, etc. We aim to offer customers with standardized services ranging from failure management, service requests, technical advice and complaints handling for the systems mentioned above.

  For technical issues, please call the service hotline: 400-861-8888 (Press #3 for technical support).

  To achieve the rapid development of domestic securities and futures business, two stock exchanges and three futures exchanges in China have established their own IT companies respectively, which started to provide IT colocation services including server room trusteeship. Dalian Futures Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Dalian Futures) was established in 2005 as a wholly owned subsidiary of the DCE, with a registered capital of RMB 400 million.

  In 2009, Dalian Futures constructed a trusteeship center in Dalian Futures Building by benchmarking against the national standard A-class server room standard. In 2011, the Dalian Hekou Trusteeship Center in Dalian Neusoft Hekou Software Park was built by Dalian Futures according to the national standard A-class server room standard, based on the Dalian Commodity Exchange Co-location Data Center. In 2018, Dalian Futures built the Dalian High-tech Trusteeship Center in the Dalian High-tech Park according to the national standard A-class server room standard and the Tier 3+ standard.

  The Futures Trusteeship Center provides customers with a wide range of services, such as server colocation, quotation information and link access. The Dalian Futures Building Trusteeship Center, Hekou Trusteeship Center and High-Tech Trusteeship Center are all connected to the Data Center of the DCE via LAN, providing a higher level of security for various financial institutions.

  Dalian Futures' official website:

Address : No.129 Huizhan Road, Dalian 116023, China
Tel : 86-411-84808226
Email : Support IPv6