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Place orders
1. Written order: fill out order sheet
2. Telephone order: inform client’s name, trading code, product, volume, price, open/close position through telephone.
3. Place orders through computer terminals: send the orders to market through internet; order types: limit order or cancel order.

Complete orders
1. Client’s orders are forwarded to market through brokers
2. Computer matches orders in accordance with the principle of price and time preference

1. When orders are executed, the computer system will send back report automatically to show the prices and volumes.

Trading check
1. To facilitate check of the transactions, the Exchange will carry out daily settlement for brokerage and proprietary members.
2. Brokerage members will conduct settlement for clients and have clients confirm the correct executions of their orders.

Exchange’s settlement for members
1. Daily settlement for profit/loss, commissions and margins, which are evidences for client settlement.
2. Provide to members Daily Profit/Loss Sheet for Members, Daily Traded Contracts for Members, Daily Position Sheet for Members, and Capital Settlement Sheet for Members.
3. If there is any disagreement over the settlement, please inform the exchange in written form 30 minutes prior to the opening in the next trading day, or it will be deemed as correct.
4. After the settlement, members’ capital will be transferred to the settlement bank.

Members’ settlements for clients
1. Settlement methods are similar to those mentioned above and commissions that will be charged are subject to regulations.
2. Brokers will send settlement statements to clients on a daily basis, conduct settlement for clients’ trading, calculate clients’ trading and floating profit/loss on a daily basis, and inform clients at times and in places in agreed manner.
3. Clients are obliged to learn about their capital statuses from time to time.
4. Clients should sign to confirm the calculation sheets. If holding any dissent, they should inform their brokers prior to the opening on the next trading day, or it will be deemed as confirmed.

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